Course Tour by whole in 1 golf

When the club was formed in 1903 the services of the keepers of the green at St Andrews were employed to lay out the course. Both Old Tom Morris and Hugh Hamilton had a hand in creating the course, their long term vision of a full 18 hole course was realised in 1996 when we were able to extend the course.

Lang Reach | 419 Yards / 408 Yards / 415 Yards | Par 4/5

Hole #1

A long Par 4 which plays into the prevailing wind. Aim at the marker post in the center of the fairway. A blind second aimed at the marker pole behind the green. Keep the ball to the right side as the fairway slopes from right to left. The green has a small step to the left which is difficult to find if the pin is here.

Lucky Dip | 168 Yards / 159 Yards / 128 Yards | Par 3

Hole #2

Tee shot plays uphill over a valley to a raised green. The green is narrow from front to back, with 2 pot bunkers to the left.

Be warned that this hole plays much much longer than it looks, and may leave you scratching your head at how short you were with the wrong club choice.

The green is also two tier, with the upper tier to the left.

Better to be long than short, aim for the bank at the back of the green and let the ball feed back.

The Mill | 341 Yards / 330 Yards / 321 Yards | Par 4

Hole #3

A shorter Par 4. The fairway narrows just where most drives land between the mound with rough on the left and deep fairway bunker on the right side. Longer hitters can take this danger out but bring whins on the left and tree’s on the right into play. The green slopes from back to front and is protected with a deep greenside bunker on the left.

Lucklaw | 443 Yards / 436 Yards / 443 Yards | Par 4/5

Hole #4

Long uphill Par 4. Avoid the deep fairway bunker on the right at all costs. A ridge across the fairway masks the pin position. There are steep slopes at back and right side of the green.

Memorial | 307 yards / 298 Yards / 291 Yards | Par 4

Hole #5

A short Par 4, well protected by two deep bunkers on the left and one on the right. Laying up short of the fairway bunkers on the left and right tends to leave a full shot

Cynicus | 337 Yards / 327 Yards / 321 Yards | Par 4

Hole #6

The radio mast on Lucklaw Hill is a good line. Second shot plays longer than it looks. A two tier green that slopes on the left makes putting tricky.

Treetops |176 Yards / 166 Yards / 152 Yards | Par 3

Hole #7

Out of bounds on the left and a fairway that slopes left to right continues after the ridge. Beware the 3 pot bunkers front left and the single bunker short right. A flat area at the back of a two tier green.

The Valley | 261 Yards / 253 Yards / 218 Yards | Par 4

Hole #8

A good position from the tee is left of the bunker, which leaves a choice of pitch shot to the green. Beware of steep slope to left of green and out of bounds if more wayward.

O’er The Knowe | 502 Yards / 494 Yards / 440 Yards | Par 5

Hole #9

A Par 5 which requires a good tee shot over the marker pole. The well green is protected by five bunkers. For longer hitters the green is reachable in two.

Gallow Hill | 352 Yards / 333 Yards / 311 Yards | Par 4

Hole #10

Favour the left half of the fairway as it slopes left to right. Avoid the deep bunker on the right. Demanding second shot to a raised green, which plays longer than yardage suggests.


Quarry | 360 Yards / 354 Yards / 290 Yards | Par 4

Hole #11

A partially blind tee shot. The longer you drive the narrower the fairway. The fairway slopes at the front and right of the green. Pot bunkers guard the left.


Cosy Corner | 156 Yards / 152 Yards / 128 Yards | Par 3

Hole #12

This hole is fraught with danger, with four bunkers protecting a flat green. Beware of out of bounds back of the green.


The Neuk | 396 Yards / 380 Yards / 373 Yards | Par 4

Hole #13

Slight dog-leg left to right, over the marker pole will find the middle of the fairway. The second shot plays longer than yardage suggests, to a flat green

The Sheugh | 486 Yards / 479 Yards / 473 Yards | Par 5

Hole #14

Long hitters beware “The Sheugh” in the fairway. The second shot is the key, as a good position here leaves a short pitch to a green which is guarded by three bunkers.


St Mikes | 157 Yards / 138 Yards / 122 Yards | Par 3

Hole #15

Panoramic views from this signature hole. Tees sit approximately 150ft above green level which is surrounded by out of bounds. The deep bunker in front should be avoided.

The Saddle | 337 Yards / 319 Yards / 225 Yards | Par 4

Hole #16

An accurate tee shot is required just right of the bush. For most golfers, a blind second shot to a green sloping right to left, and fairway bunkers right and left, leaves a tricky shot.

Tam’s Brawest | 285 Yards / 265 Yards / 222 Yards | Par 4

Hole #17

Long hitters can take on the most difficult green but with out of bounds left and right and a deep bunker short left of the green. The safer option is to play for the grass bunker across the pond.

At Last | 348 Yards / 340 Yards / 335 Yards | Par 4

Hole #18

The flag pole is a good line, but avoid the small pot bunker on the left, leaving an easier approach to a two tier green guarded by 2 deep bunkers to the right.